Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a few quick looks at Bal-Mataan

brain to fried to write. we are back in the city safe and sound after an amazing visit. enjoy the pics - look forward to your thoughts...

BalMataan - Images by brent cline

Thursday, January 20, 2011

East Africa Travel / the Orphanage

sorry for the long post - i'll just let the images speak today...  i hope they communicate how powerful our time with the children was. the next post will be in 4-5 days. there will be no access out in the village so we'll catch up in a few when we return to the city.  THANK YOU for all your prayers and support.

more images here:
East Africa - Images by brent cline


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

East Africa Travel and Arrival

after 30 something hours of travel we made it to our room, and more importantly BEDS...

the travel days were amazing. our room arrangements in dubai fell through in such a way that we were afforded the opportunity to see much of the city - a fantastic bonus. we arrived in east africa and treated to an amazing 3 hour ride through the desert our first city. we had quite a special meal of local food such as goat, camel (meat and milk) a banana bread pudding, and an unidentified ocean fish, which was my favorite. we then haggled for blankets (for our time in the village) and spent much of the afternoon in the market which seen to take up much of downtown. we ended the day with a special meal of dumplings and other local flavors at our host's home. the people here are vibrant and beautiful. Phillip and i had a very insightful conversation with a local on the plane from dubai... Ahamed really stole my heart.

i'm sure he was the first of many in this country to do so...