Tuesday, April 28, 2009


soon every soccer mom's kid in the country will have one of these... the KICPOCKET is about the coolest thing to hit soccer practice since the bicycle kick. when you kick the ball into the KICPOCKET it "traps" the ball in its fabric pocket and rolls it back to you - EVERY SINGLE TIME! KICPOCKET was invented by josh gaudin out of augusta, ga. now that eurosport has picked up the product i would imagine you'll start seeing them all over. i love being involved in small ways with truly innovative ideas and this is the most innovative sports product since my involvement in the early days of GAMEWEAR. in this shot we tried to convey dedication to practice by pushing into the evening tones while lighting the player and product with a large chimera softbox.

check out KICPOCKET - and get one before every other player on the block.

NEWS: http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS172440+17-Feb-2009+PRN20090217

BLOG: http://wierhouse.blogspot.com/2009/04/kicpocket-is-star.html

SITE: (under construction) http://www.kicpocket.com/


Monday, April 27, 2009


couple quick outtakes from the AUGUSTA SYMPHONY shoot this weekend. the possibly under utilized location was an exquisite lakehouse owned by a board member of the SYMPHONY. i had the pleasure of shooting "Z" and seven of his core musicians saturday morning. Z, the SYMPHONY's first new musical director in 19 years, promises to breathe a renewed youthfulness and relevance to historic organization.

expect great things from Z and the AUGUSTA SYMPHONY,



Friday, April 24, 2009

the OLD SCHOOL (random thoughts on photography)

preface: i was a miserable printer, an adiquate designer... but i could could be a great photog...
if i only had a voice. (to the tune of the scarecrow's song in wiz of oz)

on a tip from chase jarvis, i've been been reading Doug Menuez's blog lately. MR MENUEZ has a knack for gut wrenching clarity and depth in his writing. ESP love the ZEN of FILM entry. i'm guilty of giving the "equipment" too much credit in the art of photography. that is probably the reason i've amassed an obscene amount of gear by most standards. BUT, it turns out photography is much like the saying we had when i used to race mountain bikes... "a two-thousand dollar bike doesn't make up for a two-dollar pair of legs." it is challenging to consider how approachable photography is as an art - if you plan to make a living as yet another of the thousands of photographers out there. when i first started getting paid to shoot my plan was to out-gun the competition. i would have the best equipment i could afford and certainly better than any local competition. part of that was my desire to have the BEST images quality available (a hold over sentiment from my days of scanning DAVID CROSBY's beautiful 4X5 film) and partly because i was trying to compensate for a lack of vision. i used to feel like i had to pull out enough "camera stuff" to justify my day rate. i'm like the antithesis of the wonderful story CROSBY used to tell of a photographer who showed up to a shoot for macy's (or something like that) with one little camera... when then kinda freaked out and ask about his equip - light and such - he replied - you hired because of my work, this is how a capture my work. i had no "look" and therefore felt obligated to own every consevable piece of equipment to capture WHATEVER a client my want. (that turn out to be an expensive cry for help) i've learned allot in my relatively short life as a professional photographer, i've hung out with college photography students and watched them capture images with their consumers level dslr's that quite frankly i wish i had shot - or even thought of shooting. i've also spent time with an amazing retired photographer who shot primarily beautiful 8X10 food shots, but then shot argueably the most influential campaign in advertising with 35mm. those die transfers hang in his studio now... no D3X, no AFS, no teathered QUAD CORE just RAW PHOTOGRAPHY. he always tells me, "don't get so caught up in the technical that you miss the image." the implied i guess is that you see "the image" in the first place. ZACK ARIAS always challenges people to find their "voice" as a photographer and not fall into the trap of becoming a "generalist." great idea - albeit easier said than done. my thought was always, do it all and you'll get more work. true - but as DOUG MENUEZ points out - you might also die a little inside (my paraphase). i've been there - that is why i'm no longer in printing. i play all the previous statements against the backdrop of my father's words... "whatever you decide to do with your life - be the BEST"

- SO WHAT does all that mean? -

it means this...

i embrace the fact that it feels a vacation to shoot polaroids with the olds RZs.
i love being in the middle of the action with a NIKON point into the sun.
i recognize that tight candid shots of faces make me smile.
i admit - that it is not the next piece of equipment i buy that makes me a better photographer - i need to shoot more with the equipment i have.
i recognized the extraordinary blessing it is to make a living with your creativity.
i consider it a complement when an A.D. says i have an almost irritating desire to be great.
i desire critique more than accolades

and I WILL DEVELOP MY OWN STYLE... and i appreciate any thing that pushed me in that direction.

GOD BLESS you if you worked your way through this tirade...

Monday, April 20, 2009


the AIKEN HORSE is our local "paper" about all things equestrian. in house photographer gary knoll does a phenomenal capturing many of the equestrian vignettes you see sprinkled in within any aikenites favorite source for all things equestrian. in the new economy it is good to see the good content and photography can still keep a publication strong. IMO publications are destined to fail when they exist primarily to sale - but when they become valuable source of info, entertainment, and culture and reflect this content through various forms of media then they have a real chance of survival. PRINT is DEAD... but i believe it will experience a rebirth in publications that never forget their true focus and commitment to quality content and imagery.

cheers -


you like - da vague ass?

i spent a few days working in vegas. i helped nick @wearthegame.com research printing options for his manufacturer in china. its always fun to dive into existing and emerging technologies and work out what technological fit is best to accomplish your ultimate goal. turns out, it is also fun to hang out at TAO for an evening. they have a yellowtail - jalapeno dish that really stands out. LL COOL J stopped by for an impromptu session. while talking to a lady about growing lettuce for all the McDonalds, nick somehow caught a shard of glass (from a shattered lamp 15 feet in the air) in his shirt pocket. surprised by the sudden presence of something in his shirt, nick proceeded to slice open his finger while retrieving the glass from his pocket. the next morning he was still pulling red glass from his hair. at the show the next day, i actually visited with jon cone who i studied with at cone editions in vermont more than 10 years ago.

BTW - FYI - IMO, DELTA kicks US AIR's vertical stabilizer out of the air.

it was an extremely random, productive and fun trip...

cheers -

the CVB

the day before i left for vegas, i had a shoot for the AUGUSTA CVB. it turned out to be a blast. although one of my speedotron 102's finally gave up the ghost, shooting with the mamiya has become almost as seamless as the D3. which is great because i've become spoiled by the amazing quality of the files the LEAF back delivers. i'll be back in the studio in the morning doing some personal/film work with the RZ67's.
lights - camera - music - action... it was a good time, and good times can make great images.


Monday, April 6, 2009


the largest urban forest in north america is across the street from my home. the HITCHCOCK WOODS has miles of trails, many creeks and a few ponds. jordan, lawson, zoe and jazz and i send countless hours during the year hiking through the woods. every THANKSGIVING i love to hike down and be part of the AIKEN HOUNDS's "BLESSING OF THE HOUNDS." There is an annual "RUN FOR THE WOODS" that benefits the foundation responsible for its maintenence. the woods also host on of the oldest continually head horse shows which i missed this year because i was in charleston.



Hitchcock Woods is closely associated with Aiken’s early history as a winter resort and a center of sporting activity. Originally, Hitchcock Woods was part of a much larger tract of land purchased 1w Thomas Hitchcock and William C. Whitney. In 1939, Thomas Hitchcock and his daughter Helen Clark established the Hitchcock Foundation with the donation of almost 1200 acres of land. Mr. Hitchcock and Mrs. Clark became the first trustees of the Hitchcock Foundation, which was established to protect and maintain the woods for the recreational use and enjoyment by the people of Aiken.

In 1985, the Hitchcock Foundation purchased an additional 230 acres of land adjacent to the original tract. In the spring of 1991, the Aiken Preparatory School made a generous gift of 270 acres to the Foundation. An ambitious Campaign to Save The Woods involving many dedicated people resulted in the acquisition of 198 acres adjacent to the property previously owned by the Aiken Preparatory School. A gift from the Foxchase Homeowner’s Association brings the total acreage owned by the Foundation to nearly 2000 acres.

Hitchcock Woods offers visitors the natural beauty and quiet solitude of a unique southern forest located in the midst of an urban area, The City of Aiken. Maintenance of the trails, jumps, bridges. signs, map boxes, as well as protection and management of the natural resources in the Woods, are all directed by the trustees who serve in the same spirit as the founding trustees.

if you ever have the chance - it is a wonderful place to visit.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


another fun outtake from a TOAST shoot. this series has became quite a fun project based on moments that you CELEBRATE with friends and family. FUN shoot - GREAT model. look for more of this series later this month.

check it out.



found this on scamp's blog.... thought you might enjoy.