Friday, October 15, 2010


Cosmic Bowling

Mayor Deke in the spotlight

I blame my poor performance on the UFOs

Frank Anderson and Mayor Deke

the wierhouse team

my trophy for worst average score of the tourney

Mr. Al Dallas
Sometimes work is play. I spent Thursday afternoon supporting two clients at the inaugural RBW Logistics Roll-O-Rama. There was some major industry represented in the teams and the competition was fierce. On a unrelated note the hot dogs at the Bunswick bowling alley are amazing.

Even Mayor Deke showed up to roll a few frames...  Kudos to RBW for hosting - GOODTIMES.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

one hundred comissions

so... i was commissioned to produce the artwork for a  tapas bar in aiken, sc.  the images above will hang on a main wall (40" x 80") along with half a dozen or so other images. pretty excited about it - if you stop by one hundred laurens to see i'd love to hear your thoughts.


A few favs

Portfolio - Images by brent cline

Shooting a Bear in the Woods.

a few outtakes from the Lionel Smith LTD shoot. Big thanks to Bear Shelton, fantastic job my friend.