Saturday, June 13, 2009


getting back into the swing of things again. fantastic seems to be my new favorite word. looking forward to my conversation with celeb photog mike col√≥n monday and what that could mean for GIVING™. FANTASTIC run/meeting with my business partner last thursday. back in the studio sunday with a very fun model from the 100 shoot and we start pre-production monday for another MEDICAL campaign shoot. it is going to be FANTASTIC - i love the campaign concept and ACTUALLY i love shooting in the medical setting. it reminds me of my college days working in the hospital... which is where i meet sabrina ; )

these are outakes from the Robyn&Cissie campaign which debuted (along with the grey car) in GARDEN&GUN's JUNE issue! this has been a really fun series, i look forward to seeing the reaction to the G&G ad.


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