Sunday, November 7, 2010

28MP Mamiya RZ67 w Aptus II-6 Back v/s 12.1MP Nikon D3s

With all the hoopla about Mega Pixels and and such I thought it would be interesting to compare my two favorite cameras and see what you get with more than 2X the file size and money. Now, admittedly this is NOT a scientific experiment by any stretch. This is merely and afterthought as I was editing files from Gina Swanson's MUA Portfolio shoot. I shot basically the same setup with both cameras and the difference or similarity in quality might surprise you. Quality aside, these are two different systems and I shoot each or entirely different reasons. Anyone who knows me, ( both of you that read the blog : ) knows that I love the mamiya and prefer it hands down in the studio. That said, the D3s is a phenomenal camera and in my opinion is unmatched in it's quality and capability in the 35mm format. enuff rambling - here are some screen caps of100% crops in Capture One... which I've been working in lately... more on that nightmarish transition later.

These are screen captures of RAW files. no corrections have been done yet. 

Mamyia RZ67-Leaf Aptus II-6 Back 100% Crop in Capture One
Nikon D3s 100% Crop in Capture One. See in the thumbs where I took the grid off and forgot to stop down.

Mamiya again - The Crops aren't exact but I still think the results are interesting

Nikon D3s
Remember those Epson Ads about eye color and contacts...
Another Image from the Mamiya

Alright - A little 200% Mamiya in Lightroom look just for fun.

and of course the "behind the scenes" iPhone pic of the setup

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