Sunday, March 15, 2009


i spent most of a cold and dreary saturday at the AIKEN TRIALS. i actually enjoyed the racing and was extremely proud to see DOGWOOD STABLES make such a fine showing. i left my camera in the car thinking i would take the day off, didn't want to get the gear rained on, there were plenty of photographers there and i wasn't feeling very creative... blah, blah blah pick your excuse. seems like everyone i saw ask where my camera was and why i wasn't shooting when i replied that i didn't have a "press" badge... one showed up. so i crossed over to the outfield and set up with the other photogs to shoot a couple races and the polo demonstration. as i watched the people around the judges stand i noticed this quiet man with a unwavering smile letting people through the "gate" onto the track to cross to the tent party in the infield. all levels of money, status, age, beauty came through his gate. they all got the same warm smile. i never heard him say a word and am ashamed to say i never asked his name. which means - you guessed it - i didn't get a model release. but, i did get an unexpected lesson in SERVICE.

NO MATTER what you are here to do, do it well, do it with a smile, do it equally for everyone and do it humbly... and you will provide a good service. and eventually, you might even inspire someone.

it was a good day.


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