Friday, March 20, 2009


i've been hired to shoot another stunning property in AIKEN. i had always known it as NIMROD SOUTH although i've learned its original name was "GREEN SHINGLES" - most houses in DOWNTOWN AIKEN have names. sabrina grew up in a house named "HELL'S BELLS" allegedly because the physician that lived there years ago was tortured by phone calls. there is the 60 room "cottage" named JOYE and behind it a house simply named "THE PINK HOUSE." my favorite name for house was "QUEL FROMAGE" which i always felt was poking great fun at the pretentiousness of naming ones house in the first place. by the way - best i could tell, the shingles on "GREEN SHINGLES" were at best the darkest charleston green and probably would be considered black to the casual observer. welcome to AIKEN.

see you at the steeplechase this weekend - which by way - has nothing to do with pursuing church architecture.


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