Saturday, August 8, 2009


about 2 miles or so up the beach from our place is a NC nature preserve named "bird island" for years it was separated from sunset beach by a shallow inland waterway which meant you could only wade there during low tide. in 1997 a storm filled in the waterway leaving "bird island" an easy walk down the beach at anytime of the day... i'm sure this has somewhat discouraged the nude "naturalist" that used to enjoy that end of the island. three things catch your eye as a notable departure from the otherwise pristine nature setting, an AMERICAN FLAG, a BENCH and a MAILBOX.this is the mailbox for the "KINDRED SPIRIT." for at least a couple decades... maybe more, people have read or written messages to the kindred spirit via this humble mailbox partially hidden in the dunes of BIRD ISLAND. nobody can quite explain exactly who or what the KINDRED SPIRIT is - but to try is probably missing the point. it really doesn't matter who i think others think they are writing to in that mailbox - it only matters who I think i'm writing to - if anybody. sabrina, the babies and i walked down to visit bird island yesterday. it is truly a beautiful area. i sat on the bench and watched sabrina and the kids splash and play for a considerable time while i read a few entries written to the KINDRED SPIRIT. some notes were half a page and some several pages. there were request and petitions for help in these times, there were also references to the beauty and solace of this preserve. it was peacefully and refreshing to sit in that place.

after finally deciding (like many others) my "kindred spirit" would be GOD as i have know personally from my youth and leaned on for strength and creativity and peace, i walked back to the mailbox to add my own note...




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