Saturday, August 22, 2009


so, i shot my first wedding as a "pro" for a long time friend and client. it was a small intimate affair that i shot with fellow photographer nicky motto. i can't begin to express what a real honor it was to help the couple capture this moment in their lives. the brides daughter officiated the ceremony which added to the sense that i had been invited into a very special family moment. that impression increased both the gravity and honor as i focused on photographing the moments i hoped would best capture the meaning and spirit of the day.

all that said - one of my favorite shots of the day was the one of a lady sitting at a table one moment after her date had stood up to hit the buffet again. i shared it on facebook and twitter to get people's impressions... the responses would have indicated anything but a wedding - in most cases the antithesis. gave me an interesting lesson on "capturing" an event versus a feeling or emotion.

my hat remains off to full time wedding photographers - it's extremely fun and demanding work.
greatest irony of day was the fact that the bride kept saying to me - "you don't REALLY want to be a wedding photographer do you?"

well deborah if they were all as special as yours - i'd be honored to be one!


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