Monday, April 20, 2009


you like - da vague ass?

i spent a few days working in vegas. i helped nick research printing options for his manufacturer in china. its always fun to dive into existing and emerging technologies and work out what technological fit is best to accomplish your ultimate goal. turns out, it is also fun to hang out at TAO for an evening. they have a yellowtail - jalapeno dish that really stands out. LL COOL J stopped by for an impromptu session. while talking to a lady about growing lettuce for all the McDonalds, nick somehow caught a shard of glass (from a shattered lamp 15 feet in the air) in his shirt pocket. surprised by the sudden presence of something in his shirt, nick proceeded to slice open his finger while retrieving the glass from his pocket. the next morning he was still pulling red glass from his hair. at the show the next day, i actually visited with jon cone who i studied with at cone editions in vermont more than 10 years ago.

BTW - FYI - IMO, DELTA kicks US AIR's vertical stabilizer out of the air.

it was an extremely random, productive and fun trip...

cheers -

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