Tuesday, April 28, 2009


soon every soccer mom's kid in the country will have one of these... the KICPOCKET is about the coolest thing to hit soccer practice since the bicycle kick. when you kick the ball into the KICPOCKET it "traps" the ball in its fabric pocket and rolls it back to you - EVERY SINGLE TIME! KICPOCKET was invented by josh gaudin out of augusta, ga. now that eurosport has picked up the product i would imagine you'll start seeing them all over. i love being involved in small ways with truly innovative ideas and this is the most innovative sports product since my involvement in the early days of GAMEWEAR. in this shot we tried to convey dedication to practice by pushing into the evening tones while lighting the player and product with a large chimera softbox.

check out KICPOCKET - and get one before every other player on the block.

NEWS: http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS172440+17-Feb-2009+PRN20090217

BLOG: http://wierhouse.blogspot.com/2009/04/kicpocket-is-star.html

SITE: (under construction) http://www.kicpocket.com/


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