Sunday, November 1, 2009


spent a great day helping SEIGLER HD (the owners of 613 atomic studios) film an episode of DENNIS GAGE's "MY CLASSIC CAR." it was a beautiful day in SAVANNAH, GA and we saw so many interesting cars - everything from a PINTO powered race car to a chevy powered FERRARI. DENNIS GAGE is one of the nicest people... and THE BEST person to "TALK CARS" with i've ever met. For those who may be tempted to ask: DENNIS GAGE has allegedly had his mustache from birth AND his favorite car is the one with 4 wheels and a internal combustion engine. ALTHOUGH, it turns out DENNIS also has quite a passion for motorcycles - especially BMWs. JASON and DENNIS had a rather spirited conversation about each others BMW motorcycle collections.

speaking of JASON, he was rockin' that f1.8 4.5-59 wide angle on the HD Panasonic... which was a ridiculously wide shot which is really useful for filming car interiors and long car walk -rounds.

it was a great day and a real privilege to see how my son's fav channel (SPEED TV) gets to business filming a show. look out for the episode early 2010.

check out more images from the day here:
My Classic Car SlideShow


PS: i must say, watching those PORSCHE CAYMANS blast around that track gave me a new respect for the "hard-top boxter."

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