Saturday, November 21, 2009

the EXEC

i read an old article in PDN about executive portraits done when the photog was told - "you've got ten minutes." this wasn't exactly that kinda job, but imagine it was a similar challenge. the senior vice president of Christie’s Great Estates who oversees the Christie’s Great Estates exclusive affiliate relationships for the finest real estate brokerage companies in the Southeast, caribbean and latin america needed a more casual executive portrait done while in charleston touring billion dollar properties. SO - in a pretty well appointed, yet way too busy hotel we had to work with little lights and less time. one SB-900 and a lumiquest box on on of those ultra light bogen stands and we were set up to get a couple simple portraits done.

maybe it was joe mcnally that said sometimes you make light more interesting by not lighting everything - greatt advice to lean on when you gotta do it quick with the gear you can carry on your back up several flights of stairs... nope, the strobes weren't making that trip.

look forward to your thoughts on the shoots. THX for stopping by,


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