Thursday, November 26, 2009

the SOUTH (and other randum thoughts)


honestly, thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. low on expectations, low on commercial intrusion (cause they've already moved on to christmas)... it just feels more focused on the things that matter like family, food, and feeling grateful for all our tremendous blessings. in a few minutes the kids and i will cross the road and hike through hitchcock woods to the memorial gate. there we will enjoy one of aiken's wonderful traditions. the "blessing of the hounds" occurs before the aiken hounds annual thanksgiving hunt -


The Aiken Hounds' Opening Meet and Blessing of the Hounds is held on Thanksgiving Day at Memorial Gate in the Hitchcock Woods. Father Garrett Clanton of All Saints Anglican Church will officiate. The public is most welcome to attend, but please do not bring your own dogs to the Blessing.

i'll most likely have a post of the images from this morning early this week.

THE ABOVE IMAGE: is an outtake from a recent photoshoot. it really illustrates much of what i appreciate about the south. i am thankful for family, warm sun, large established oaks, spiritual foundation, tradition, and laughter. we have a special brand of these things here in the south that feels substantial, genuine and comforting. i love to travel all over the world when i can and appreciate and try to dissolve in every different culture and community i have the pleasure of visiting. i believe much of my desire and comfort with losing myself elsewhere in the world comes from my strong sense of place and comfort when i am HOME. for that and many other things... and i am truly thankful for my FAMILY and my HOME.



  1. well put, and inspiring brent! Happy Thanksgiving!

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