Sunday, May 17, 2009


Spent a beautiful saturday in BEAUFORT w my parents and my children watching an airshow. BUDDY and i took pictures next to a gentleman who said he had been photographing the BLUE ANGLES for 53 years. he described a shot he once captured of the two solo planes "nose to nose", which is pretty impressive considering the combined closing distance of the converging F-18's is 900 - 1200 mph depending on the maneuver. when i walked up w the D3 and f2.8 70-200 he commented that he liked my outfit - i said "thanks, i just got these shorts"...
we had allot of fun hanging out and talking about planes and cameras.

BTW - if photographing jets is your thing... the D3 is worth EVERY PENNY. i'm pretty sure my friend went out to buy one to replace his D100 after the show : )

if you follow me on FACEBOOK you know my dad wore the greatest airshow shirt ever... i actually bought it from LIONEL SMITH for father's day last year. it was a NAT NAST with a huge embroidered "Yankee Clipper" seaplane on the back.

sunday morning over coffee i had the wonderful pleasure of listening to JAC and BUDDY reenact the BLUE ANGELS performance with their models the GRANDPARENTS bought them.

it was a good weekend,


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