Monday, May 25, 2009



first off - this memorial day let me say how THANKFUL i am for my FATHER and FATHER-IN-LAW's service to our country and how blest i feel that they survived. my thoughts are with those who have felt the lose we remember today.

the first full day on ST BARTHS (in the french west indies) with great friends and clients DAVID STINSON and JOHN ABBOTT has been memorable. our home for the week overlooks ANSE DES CAYES with the sun spectacularly rising out of the bay. we spent most of the morning hiking to and enjoying the very isolated and quiet COLOMBIER beach (overlooked by an estate built by DAVID ROCKEFELLER). which was wonderful because i needed to work off the NEPUTUNE diner and PIZZA from chez ANDY last night. the NEPTUNE consist of a collection of fresh TUNA, SCALLOPS, SHRIMP, SALMON etc. and a hot plate delivered to your table whereyou proceed to cook it your specific taste - so FRESH and GREAT! let me also recomend sitting in the front seat of the small commuter to the island - the approach is fantastic. yesterday, we hear, a private plan missed the strip and went into the water - BIG NEWS on a small island. i'm going to try and capture some of these planes coming in later this week.


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