Wednesday, May 27, 2009


so our visit to SALINE was more like an episode of LOST. located behind an old saline mine and within view of a what looks like a bunker built by a russian millionaire, ANSE des GRANDE SALINE has no other buildings within view. it is completely isolated save this one little shack with a mattrese tied to the ceiling and a couple couches stacked on each other. on the opposite side of the rather large beack there is a trench that apparently feed ocean water to the saline mines. VERY "othersish" if you watch LOST at all. more LOST "clues" included a set of stacked rocks postioned north of a strange little rock "vodoo" doll. the adventure continues. TRAVELERS NOTE: the BEST waves for bodysurfing on ST BARTHS are at this beach. RARELY are there more than 50 people on the whole beach. TWO other people were there while we visited.

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