Tuesday, May 26, 2009


rounding out the first day on the warf in GUSTAVIA made for a perfect end to the first full day here. we ate wonderful french cuizine wAdd Imagehile WWF wrestleing play on the TVs in the bar. GOOD TIMES.

second day here on the island involved another rejuvenating hike over the ridge to several more CHIC beaches in the st john area of ST BARTHS. st john is the area where CHEZ ANDY's seemingly recession proof restaurant is located along with several local shops and a pharmacia. btw - LOVE some chez ANDY - sign out side reads... corked wine, warm beer and lousy food. so lousy we went back today for lunch and scored two pizzas to-go. so good.

we watched several airplanes takeoff and land from the beach. the runway literally ends on the beach, maybe 50 feet from the water. we are making dinner at the villa tonight - fresh tuna and lemoncello are definitely on the menu. in our downtime i've been playing with subtle HDR treatments and pushing exposures beyound normal bounds. i have also very much enjoyed the photography of local photog / publisher JEAN-PHILIPPE PITER in his publication "PURE saint-barth" he seems to have carved out a very nice niché for himself here in the carribean.



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